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"Our mission statement is a simple one: to improve mental wellbeing throughout architecture"

The Architects’ Mental Wellbeing Forum is a group founded in late 2017 in an attempt to improve mental health within architecture. It was borne out of a belief that we as an industry could all improve our understanding of mental health, and subsequently provide better environments for the mental wellbeing of people working in architecture.

As a result of a number of factors, such as long hours and a culture of perfectionism, we believe architects are particularly vulnerable to problems with their mental health. This has been illustrated by the sad but noticeable increase in mental health problems reported by students in Architects' Journal surveys in recent years.


Our mission therefore is to share knowledge and learning from our own experience, as well as researching other ways to support architects' mental health in the workplace, with the goal of improving mental wellbeing throughout architecture. We meet quarterly to share our findings and discuss new ideas for nurturing mental wellbeing.


One of the first goals of the Forum was to produce a Mental Wellbeing Toolkit for practices. You can download a copy here.


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